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Cruises in the Aegean

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Cruises in the Aegean Sea as well as the northeast Mediterranean Sea

Sailing and Yachting: Embark on an odyssey across the Aegean & Ionian Sea :

  • Hop from one idyllic island to another: Discover hidden coves and pristine beaches.
  • Swim in crystal-clear waters: Dive into the refreshing Mediterranean sea.
  • Witness breathtaking sunsets aboard a luxurious yacht: Let the colors of the sky mesmerize you.
  • Sets sail through the Aegean’s Sea mythical worlds. Imagine dropping anchor off sunny islands adorned in blue and white. Rugged cliffs line fine sandy bathing bays, and chalky white chapels shine under a deep blue sky. Whether you’re exploring the idyllic Cyclades or the lesser-known Sporades, this picture-book Greece becomes a reality. Lively metropolises like Istanbuland Athens serve as starting or ending points for these sailing cruises. 
  • On an Cruise to the Greek Seas, you’ll discover intriguing islands rich in history that have enchanted travelers for centuries. Immerse yourself in ancient mythology, feast on fresh Mediterranean cuisine, and relax on powder-white beaches or, in some cases, sparkling black sand