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Tailor-Made Services

Greece offers an array of special interest packages that cater to various passions and curiosities. In Four Wasy Travel DMC we make sure that we take care of your wishes and your travel needs !!  

Whether you’re a culture enthusiast, an adventurer, or seeking relaxation, Greece’s special interest packages cater to your unique preferences!

Tailor-Made Services for Individuals:

  • Greece, with its rich history, diverse landscapes, and vibrant culture, invites exploration. Tailor-made services cater to individual preferences, allowing travelers to design their ideal trip. We Craft with you your dream itinerary. Whether it’s a culinary tour, a photography expedition, or a wellness retreat, Greece’s special interest packages cater to your unique preferences.

We offer :

  • Accommodation Bookings: Whether you desire a boutique hotel, a charming villa, or a seaside retreat, tailor-made services arrange accommodations to suit your taste.
  • Transfers: From airport pickups to island-hopping ferries, seamless transportation ensures stress-free travel.
  • Activity-Focused Holidays: Whether it’s a spa retreat, a family adventure, or an archaeological exploration, the itinerary aligns with your interests.
  • Luxury Accommodations: Greece boasts exquisite hotels and apartments:
  • Boutique stays with  Experience personalized service and unique design.
  • Private and Luxurious villas were you will  Wake up to panoramic and breathtaking views.
  • Professional Staff: Experienced guides, drivers, and assistants enhance your journey.

Tailor-Made Services for Groups:

    • Group Travel: Tailor-made services extend to groups, offering special rates and comprehensive planning. Whether it’s a corporate retreat, a wedding, or a cultural tour, the following aspects are covered:
      • Itinerary Planning: Crafted schedules, tours, and excursions ensure a cohesive group experience.
      • Travel Arrangements: Accommodations, transfers, yachting, and transportation are seamlessly organized.

Food & Beverage Catering: From private mansions to picturesque taverns, dining experiences are curated.

    • Entertainment: Animation, performances, and shows add flair to group gatherings.

Why Opt for Group Tailor-Made Services?: Group cohesion, cost-effectiveness, and shared memories make these services ideal for celebrations, team-building, and cultural exploration in Greece.